Welcome to Allianz Nigeria SME corner, dedicated to providing expert recommendations, Advisory services and insurance solutions for small and medium scale enterprises.

At Allianz, we understand that running an SME business requires a lot of consistency, hard work and support and as an SME focused company we take interest in ensuring the success of your business with our unique product offerings.

In a world of uncertainties, we are your companion for life and unforeseen circumstances such as damage to your property, theft, work place injuries should not affect your business. We provide smart, innovative and cost effective products and round the clock support that helps you generate substantial value on your business journey.

Our vision is to help entrepreneurs and small-medium size enterprises grow their businesses, inspiring them to create the next generation of global brands. We also collaborate with like-minded partners to give you the complete suite of support for your business to thrive.  We have dedicated SME desks all across the country offering you a 24-hour support.

Motor Insurance

We pay our motor claims in 60 minutes. We also give 15% cashback after 24 months of no claims for privately owned vehicle. Our comprehensive Insurance policy covers the replacement or repair costs if your vehicle is stolen or damaged in any incident. It can also be extended to cover losses that arise from riots or civil unrest. If there is any accident and the car is unable to move, we will pay for the car to be towed.

Burglary Insurance

This product protects you against loss or damage to your property if your home or office is broken into. We replace not only the contents but also fixtures and fittings damaged in the course of burglary or housebreaking.

Group Personal Accident

This provides 24-hour protection for your employees in the event of death or employees who may need medical care due to physical injuries sustained while working for you.

Workmen's Compensation

The policy covers the insured against the risk of death, permanent disability or injuries resulting from external and violent means occurring during the course of employment. It also cover medical expenses as a result of the injury.

Combined All Assets

This policy provides cover for loss of or damage to the insured property occasioned by fire, burglary, theft, accident etc. within the premises or anywhere within Nigeria.

Business Interruption

This product keeps your business going by protecting your income and profits. we would pay you if your business is halted due to material damage such as fire or any other unforeseen peril policy.

For more information on our policies, please call 0700 255 4269, 08002554269 or send an email info@allianz.ng.