Sports bikes to boost rapid response for customers

This service is available to customers on Allianz Premium Motor Plan only
Rapid Response Service

Being involved in an accident is not a pleasant experience and not being able to get assistance from your insurance company makes it even worse. What is comprehensive insurance when you don’t get access to quick on-scene assistance in such troubling moments to initiate and guide you through the process of making your claim? 

In line with our commitment to delivering a new kind of insurance for Nigerians - one that is less time consuming and offers faster claims settlement -our Rapid Response Service now utilizes sport bikes which are operated by highly trained officers. Now access to rapid on-scene assistance for premium motor Insurance customers is just a dial away!

The Rapid Response Officers provide assistance to customers involved in accidents by offering on-scene support, assessing the damage to their vehicles and immediately initiating the claims settlement process on their behalf.

To reach out to an available Rapid Response Officer, our customers are advised to dial the hotlines (Toll-free): 0800 255 4269, available from Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm. The service is currently only available in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos metropolis with a view to expand.

This is just one of the several benefits offered by our comprehensive premium motor plan including 15% cashback on no claims after 24 months and discounts for female and male driver’s, 45 years and above.

Insurance just got easier, don’t you think?

Rapid Response Service
Rapid Response Service