car motor insurance in Nigeria

Allianz Nigeria Motor Insurance

Why choose our car insurance?

claims Fast Claim Settlement
We settle all claims promptly
no deduction No Deductions
We do not have any hidden charges that result in unplesant  surprises for our customers
excisting account woman Exciting Discounts
15% Discounts to all  ladies and men who are 45 years and above
no reductions Earn Cashback
You get 15% of your premium as cashback after 24 months without a claim

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N1 million 3rd party property damage
Unlimited 3rd party bodily injury or death liability
Full value for stolen vehicle (no deduction for depreciation)
No deductible on accidental damage to your car
Cash back after 24 months without a claim
15% of premium paid
15% of premium paid
Discount for female drivers
15% off
Discount for male drivers 45 and above
Premium payable in 6 equal instalments paid monthly
Personal accident benefit for policy holder
N250, 000
N500, 000
Personal accident benefit for occupants of insured vehicles
N100, 000
N200, 000
Towing benefits
Replacement vehicle/cash in lieu
Personal Claims Relationship Manager

Is a car an asset: For many people, a car is one of the biggest assets they own. It provides comfort or luxury and the convenience of getting you from point A to B. It holds a resale value and may serve as a source of primary or secondary income or in other cases, It may serve the purpose of a collateral depedning on the circumstances.                                 

Policy Cancellation: After the 30 day cooling off period, you or the company may decide to permanently cancel the contract. This must be stated by giving 30 days advance notification in writing. The Company may decide to cancel the Policy if: - You misrepresent important facts, You provide false, inaccurate or incomplete information , Your claim is fraudulent.  If this happens, you do not get any cash back.

First time getting insurance?

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