A simple plan that protects you and the ones you love 

Why Funeral Insurance?
Nigerian family protection


This product offers protection to the entire family including parents by offering whole life cover for every member of the family. Our customers have the flexibilty of choosing the tenure of cover by selecting from any of the 3 plans we offer. 

The benefits include covering the cost of funeral rites follwing the passing away of any member of the family. Burial ceremonies form an important part of our culture. Often times, the cost can be a burden for low-middle income earners. We offer options of a single or annual premium payment plans.  

The minimum entry age for the principal policy holder is 18 years while the maximum entry age is 60 years. For children, the minimum entry age is 15 years and the maximum entry age 25 years. The minimum entry and maximum entry age for parents is 33 and 60 years respectively.

In the event of death, the sum assured becomes payable to the beneficiary or legal representative. Should the policy holder die first, the benefit is payable to a nominated beneficiary and upon the death of the policy holder within the premium payment years of the policy, the spouse has the option to take over the premium payments within 6 months from the date of death of the policy holder.

With a single premuim, both the policy holder and the beneficiaries are fully covered. If death occurs and if the policy holder dies first, no further premium will be required from the spouse.