Get Your Motor Claims Settled in 60 Minutes

Have you really considered what you can do in 60minutes? Well, we have and what stands out for us is to provide prompt claim settlement to our customers.

We at Allianz Nigeria understand that complete customer satisfaction is not only about giving competitive rates or swift delivery of policy documents but also how quickly we can have your claims resolved; how quickly we can help you get back on track.

In a society as fast paced as ours where every other aspect of life maybe grappling for your attention, we want to help you focus more on other things and worry less about your insurance claim, after all we are your companion for exploring life!

You no longer have to worry about how long your claim will take, what you need to do, when you get paid etc. It will only take us 60minutes! Yes, 60 minutes for us to resolve your claim provided you send to us the required documents.

1.     Filled Claims form

2.     Estimate of repair

3.     Picture of affected parts showing a full view of the vehicle

4.     Police report (In cases of theft, vandalism or multiple accident)


You can send complete documents via email to or call 0800 255 4269 should you require any assistance.

The 60minutes claim settlement only apply to claims worth N 150, 000 and below. It doesn’t apply to claims above this amount.

It is only when you provide complete documents between the hours of 8:00AM to 6:00PM from Mondays to Fridays, that we can have your claim settled in 60minutes.