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Allianz For Life

Allianz For Life Lagos

In times like these, with anxiety and uncertainty so widespread, Allianz can reinstall people's confidence that better times are ahead. And when the world gets back to normal, we will still be there - always working to secure your future with high quality products, simple solutions and reliable care.

The "Allianz For Life" campaign is a global initiative that features local stories on how the collective actions of human around the world can support in times of crisis - from small acts to big initiatives. Explore our social media pages to read these stories and actions from around the world.

As we watch the unfolding of the Coronavirus pandemic, our utmost concern is about the health and safety of our employees, their families, our customers and the communities in which we operate especially as the pandemic is taking unprecedented proportions.

We have employed health and safety precautions and working protocols across all our working locations before the lockdown and this will be on a much higher scale when the lockdown is lifted. We will comply with directives of the Government and World Health Organization as well as educate our employees to abide by their recommendations.

During this period, Allianz Nigeria activated its Business Continuity Plan and put to use remote working capabilities with limited disruption to our services. Various digital channels were put to use to aid premium collection and meet all stakeholder obligations.

As a member of a global group, Allianz Africa with presence in 12 countries including Nigeria earmarked 100,000 euros to support the COVID-19 efforts in the African countries where it operates. The funds which is in addition to the individual Operating Entity commitments in their respective countries will go into buying testing kits and medical supplies, which will be delivered directly to hospitals and health institutions.

Due to this pandemic, Allianz Nigeria as an entity will unavoidably face some disruptions within its business chain, however, we do not forsee liquidity challenges that may impact the company as a going concern.

In line with our commitment to the safety of our customers, employees and the community as a whole, we will align with all government directives and the work from home will continue for most of our staff as a proactive and precautionary measure. Therefore, we will approach the re-opening of our offices with caution. Considerations will be given to vulnerable employees with underlying health conditions and transportation challenges and our digital channels will be available to support all transactions.

As our teams are going beyond the usual course of business to support our customers during this crisis, we are more than committed to the wellbeing of our stakeholders and will be there for them in these difficult times.

With the challenging times and a lot of uncertainties ahead, we remain committed to the purpose of "Securing the Future" and to ensure we emerge stronger.